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Merge-In-Transit Installation

In preparation for a new asset distribution rollout and reclamation program, the nation's premier Risk and Casualty Insurance provider relied on R+L Global Logistics for a predictable merge-in-transit solution.


To ensure a successful rollout, new computer software and hardware would have to be shipped from multiple distribution centers to 700 company offices in the US. At the point of delivery, the existing computer systems would have to be uninstalled, packaged, and shipped to a reclamation center for processing.

One of the greatest challenges was that the new systems would have to be shipped from one of three US distribution centers approximately nine days prior to the installation date.

A creative transportation and logistics solution was required to ensure that all of the new systems arrived without damage at least one day prior to installation at each of the 700 locations.

To ensure a successful outcome, the company needed a transportation and logistics provider with:

  • Team-based approach to problem solving
  • A reliable delivery system capable of handling multiple locations
  • A sound knowledge of warehousing logistics
  • A single-source communication for command and control
  • A flexible system to manage changing distribution schedules
  • Customs Brokerage Services to provide true end-to-end solutions


Working with the company, R+L Global developed a comprehensive and coordinated strategy to exceed the customer's requirements and expectations.

R+L Global's first task was to arrange for dropped trailers at all 3 distribution sites. They also arranged for the line-haul and warehousing of hardware and software equipment prior to final delivery and installation.

The customer was provided a daily activity report that contained the status of all shipments as well as proof-of-delivery upon completion. A dedicated R+L Global Team was assembled to manage the project with a "single source" contact for communication with the customer. This team arranged for multiple-person deliveries including inside delivery, lift-gate services, unpacking, and other essential functions necessary for a successful rollout.

A call to the field office prior to installation allowed R+L Global to perform a site survey as to the people, equipment, and supplies necessary to perform the delivery. In addition, R+L custom-designed a pilferage and damage prevention plan geared specifically for this project.

Two days after the delivery of the new equipment to the 700 offices, R+L Global sent trucks back to the company's field office to recover all the old computer hardware. Finally, R+L Global coordinated the return and disposal of the used equipment at an approved reclamation center.

Transit Chart
  • Coordinate Suppliers
  • Inventory Management
  • Customized Reporting
  • Field Coordination
  • Resource Deployment
  • End to End Logistics


The rollout was completed on schedule and the customer commended R+L Global and its employees for providing claims-free service to its field offices.

They have also applauded R+L Global Logistics' ability to effectively handle the impromptu logistical challenges unique to each field office, while managing the constantly changing distribution schedules.

This nationwide merge-in-transit installation is just another example of how R+L Global's ongoing commitment to flexibility enables them to exceed customer expectations. By maintaining flexibility at every level of their operation, R+L Global is able to craft transportation and logistics solutions for even the most difficult scenarios.

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