Global transportation solutions.
R+L now provides many global transportation
solutions to better serve you.

The Finest in LTL Service.
For over 50 years, R+L Carriers has offered fast,
friendly, and affordable LTL service..

Discounted truckload services.
R+L offers truckload services on shipments
22,000 pounds or greater.

High Value / High Risk Cargo

secure shipping, protect your freight

High value cargo requires protection – the kind you get from the professionals at R+L Global Logistics. You can rest easy knowing your high risk cargo will receive the ultimate protection from origin to destination, and all points in between.

What is TAPA?

Transported Asset Protection Association

The Transported Assets Protection Association is an organization of security professionals representing high-tech companies and service providers. This organization has developed Truck and Freight Security Requirements, and audits transportation facilities for compliance.

We accomplish this level of service through:

  • 24/7/365 Customer Service
  • Controlled routing
  • Pickup & delivery standards – inspection photos at origin and destination
  • Minimum $250,000 cargo liability insurance on every truckload
  • Online tracking
  • Direct communication with drivers
  • Transit status verified every 2 hours
  • Available covert asset tracking
  • Security transportation escorts available
  • Team drivers
  • GPS enabled equipment
  • Delivery verification of ASN

Start shipping your high value/high risk freight with R+L Global Logistics today!

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